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Destiny 2 ‘Last Call’ Teaser Shows Off Nathan Fillion Telling Stories

Right after the official confirmation of Destiny 2, there comes a teaser trailer.

Yeah, yeah. We all know that you do not expect too much from Destiny 2 since the first game was avarage. But, you know what? The game is not out yet. So you just sit there tight before crucifying the game and wait for it.

In two days, there will be an official worldwide reveal trailer for Destiny 2, but we get to take a look at the game with a teaser in advance. In this teaser, we see Nathan Fillion as Hunter Vanguard mentor Cayde-6, sitting in a bar, remembering some combat memories of his.

Lets see what Nathan Fillion has to say:

There are still tons of rumours about Destiny 2. Will it hit PC? Will there be a certain release date? Will there be detailed information about the story of Destiny 2? We know that it will be a full sequel to Destiny.

On March 30, worldwide trailer of Destiny 2 will be available and we hope we will bring you more detailed news about Destiny 2.


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