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Upcoming Action/Adventure Title Tartarus Has Been Greenlit

“In science fiction, we dream.”

Ray Bradbury, one of the most celebrated writers in sci-fi, once said one sentence that can summarize the meaning of science fiction: “In science fiction, we dream.” When there were no words to describe the genre, even when it was not even a genre, science fiction made the impossible possible. It made space travel, time travel, parallel universes, extraterrestrial life and many more possible.

Today, we reap the benefits of science fiction in gaming world more than ever. Science fiction games are making our childhood dreams real. And now, first-person action adventure title Tartarus is on the way to draw you into a dark sci-fi universe.

Tartarus, is a first-person action adventure game set in a terrifyingly dark sci-fi universe which offers a retro look, like iconic sci-fi movies. Year is 2230, Mining and Research vessel Tartarus (MRS TARTARUS 220478) activates the security protocol near Neptune with no sign. The ship which you are in is about to crash Neptune and it gets worse. You’re just a miner and you realise that the burden is heavy. Therefore you need to reach the Bridge and restart all systems even though you have no idea how, because you have no education and no history in engineering.

As Cooper, our mission is to hack the ship via using highly realistic Terminals. These Terminals require some commands in order to work, which means sometimes you need to search the ship frantically in order to find what you need. Moreover, Tartarus is a text-based game which means you’ll be using text input a lot while playing. I must say that it is a nice retro touch to the game which we don’t come across since early 90’s –making Tartarus unique in its terms.

Recently, Tartarus has been Greenlit by the Steam community and we are more than glad that they made it before Greenlight went bye-bye. Surely Tartarus is on the way of becoming one of the most charming games which has been Greenlit.

Indie company Abyss Gameworks is using Unreal Engine 4 while creating Tartarus which means the game looks highly realistic. Here, take a look:

Yeah, after these screenshots there comes a moment of sorrow along with the realisation of you’re actually in your room and not in a space ship. And, you know what makes this feeling even more strong? This trailer:

Tartarus is still under development and we will be back with more detailed news soon. Stay tuned!

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