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New trailers from hell simulator Agony

New trailers from hell simulator Agony

Row, row, row your boat gently down the HELL

First things first: The videos we’ll share with you below are NOT for children, NOT for the faint hearted and NOT for the epileptic. And they are NOT safe for work (tits).

Agony, as we like to call it “hell simulator”, is a game in which you are in hell. This is the short explanation. For longer commentaries; please refer to our other hellish news about it: Here, here, and here.

As we wait for its release somewhere around Q2 2017, developer Madmind Studio showed off some new content about the game. As we’ve mentioned before, our character possesses the ability to control the weak-minded; including some weak demons. Well, here is a trailer in which we control a demon:

Watched it? Good. You probably asked yourself that if we are a demon, why are we killing some weak hell dwellers for no apparent cause? Well, here is the cause: You need to kill them in order to sustain control over the demon you’ve possessed. Here is the official commentary about the video:

In this footage, protagonist controls one of the simple-minded demons called Onoskelis.
She is a very powerful beast, but in order to control it, player will need to satify her primal urges, by killing other beings or eating still beating hearts and fresh meat.
Otherwise, she will push you out from her mind.
If you will manage to keep her blood lust at high level, you will be able to control her longer.
Presented level section is prety much open, so you can play it as Demon (and clear area from weak enemies / unlock secret passages – fastest you can), or you can just pick Martyr and make your journey longer, by talking to other people and find items that will help you to better undestand the world, and find out clues of who you are, and what you did to end up in this place.

Can’t wait. Anyway, here is the other content released, “Demons” trailer:

DIOS MIO! Aren’t these some unsettling sights. Our expectations from this game became over the top after watching these: Beautiful graphics, choking atmosphere (which is good), strange gameplay mechanics, and freaky demons. Wait for us, Red Goddess!

Agony will be out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One; in the hot, hot summer of 2017.

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