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Dishonored 2 – What About Low Chaos with Emily?

Previously, we ‘ve seen our beloved Emily Kaldwin at Clockwork Mansion showing off High Chaos gameplay. If you haven’t, here you go.

But, how about Low Chaos gameplay? We all know that we can finish Dishonored 2 without taking a soul. If you are into stealth mechanics and wish to finish the job with more sneaky ways, there is always a way. If you want to be the Captain Badass of Badassitude and spill blood all over, Dishonored 2 offers various ways to kill the enemy with High Chaos gameplay but the charming part is that Emily can be more sneaky than we might think.

Here at the Clockwork Mansion again, watch how Emily get things done in low chaos. Low and High Chaos videos can be more detailed than you expect so, consider yourselves warned. Spoilers ahead!

“Playing as Emily Kaldwin in this developer playthrough, take a Shadow Walk on the quieter side with a stealthy, Low Chaos journey through the marvel of mad science that is the Clockwork Mansion. Watch as Emily uses her new tools and supernatural abilities to deftly evade the monstrous Clockwork Soldiers (or in one case, completely rewire it to make it complacent) and non-lethally take out the guards as she works to free Anton Sokolov and secure his passage out of the building, and thereby Delilah’s clutches.

Dishonored 2 will be out on November 11.

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