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Dishonored 2 Trailer Shows Off Creative Kills

A new trailer for our beloved Dishonored 2 just appeared and it is all about Emily and Corvo’s creative kills you can enjoy while playing.

Of course, they are all tremendous. It is like heaven of murder this time since there are so many ways to kill your enemies and combine your superpowers. You can finish Dishonored 2 without killing anybody but where is fun in that?

We can see Emily while using Domino which you can use to link enemies together and kill them at once, Far Reach which pulls enemies and objects to you, Doppelganger which summons a shade of yourself that attracks enemies and seems like you can switch places with it, Shadow Walk which is the smokey thing we remember from previous trailers, Bloodfly Swarm which summons bloodflies to help you and how to combine them to unleash hell.

At the other hand, Corvo seems like developed a badass kick which looks awesome. He can also use Bend Time and Blink Assault from previous game and we can combine them in so many ways.

Here is the trailer:

Dishonored 2 will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 11th.

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