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Prey – Secrets from The Announcement Trailer

At E3 2016, Bethesda and Arkane Studios surprised us with a completely different Prey game while we were waiting for a sequel, at least Prey 2.

We all watched the trailer of upcoming first-person, sci-fi action, psychological thriller game Prey, but it was a little bit confusing. Seems like we are the subject to a dangerous experiment. Bethesda now shared a new video of Prey, showing off the secrets behind the announcement trailer.

Arkane Studios President and Prey Creative Director Raphael Colantonio details the game and the trailer, even the logo of the game has a a story. Here, you can watch the video below:

“The black smokey creature which is turning into a chair” part is so familiar from the short story of Philip K. Dick, Colony. This alien life form is capable of mimicry of all the objects like gloves, carpets, microscopes and even a spaceship. If it is turning into a chair, we must expect more, I say.

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