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The Beacons Are Lit! Snakes-N-Ladders Calls For Aid!

Did you guys miss Snake and Ladders? If so, we have great news for you.

Snakes-N-Ladders: Origins is a single player First-Person-Shooter take on the Snakes and Ladders universe. But the developers warned us: “This is the classic Snakes & Ladders board game like you have never played it before!

Millions of years ago there waged a devastating war between humans and reptilians for control over the galaxy. Knowledge of this war has been passed down the ages and now exists in the form of a board game which is played to this date.

In Episode 1, we will witness how the legend began. We will see how humans and reptiles first contacted with each other. No doubt that the concept is interesting since it is much more different than the Snake and Ladders we know.

Snake-N-Ladders now on Steam Greenlight, waiting us to give it a chance. You can visit here and help Snake-N-Ladders out. You can watch the trailer below:

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