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Playstation 4’s 3.50 Beta Update Details Are Here

Codenamed MUSASHI, PS4’s new software update will be released for those who signed up for beta and picked by Sony.

If you are not amongst the chosen, the update will be out soon; so let’s look at the major changes that’ll be made (PlayStation Blog):

Social Features

+ Friend Online Notification: Now you can see which friend of yours became online, and harass them to play together with you. You can pick whichever friend you want to see becoming online.

+ Appear Offline: You can hang out offline, to avoid co-op harassments.

+ User Scheduled Event: But if your friend is determined about harassing you, he/she can organize an event and register you to that –so when the event time comes, you will automatically join the game.

+ Play Together: And when you’ll eventually give up escaping, you can form a party with your late-harassing friends and see what the other members play to join together and have fun! Seriously though, co-op is fun (Isn’t that right, Baron?). Don’t mind my harassment jokes.

System Features

+ Remote Play (PC/Mac): PS4 Remote Play is coming to PC&Mac. (Will not be available in beta.)

+ Dailymotion: Players can stream directly to Dailymotion from now on.

Sony states that we should stay tuned about additional features and a release date for non-beta signers. We’ll deliver the updates, so stay tuned fellow gamers!

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