Total War: Warhammer now introducing the Master Necromancer! (Ba Dum Tss!)

Once upon a time, there was a man driven by hatred and rage. Trapped in his weak mortal body, this man knew that his short life span and poorly constracted body will not let him get what he desired. So, he made a deal. He exchanged his humanity to become a Necromancer. Then he got a promotion and a nice raise, became the Master Necromancer.

All right, this is not what happened exactly but it is close. Total War: Warhammer‘s new Master Necromancer has the ability to raise the dead and command them to fight for him. He is a twisted old man, practicing magical arts. A great power, turns a deadly weapon in his hands.

So, if you say that ‘there is no such thing as magic!’, watch the video below and get ready for 1:11.


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