Far Cry 6 will have The Biggest Map in The Whole Franchise, Publisher Says

The size of maps in open-world games is probably one of the most important elements in the aspect of gamers. Knowing that Far Cry 6 will be an open-world game, it’s not surprising that players will obviously want to know how much area there will be to explore through the game.

There isn’t any confirmation from Ubisoft about the map size of the game, though. But the publisher says that it will be the biggest map in the Far Cry franchise so far, and this is great to hear.

A Reddit user guccitorial_gangulas seems to have a screenshot of Far Cry 6’s map. If you check the image out, you can see how large the map will be in the game. Even thinking about how great the map will be is amazing.

We don’t know how big it is, but since Ubisoft has said it will be the biggest in the franchise, it has to be something big. We’ll see the map at its full glory when Far Cry 6 releases on October 7. While waiting, make sure to check this trailer for the game out if you haven’t already:

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