Fallout: New Vegas 2 Could Be in Development

Obsidian Entertainment seems to be working on an open-world game according to spotting in Reddit, but it isn’t confirmed yet. If it’s real, I see nothing else than Fallout: New Vegas 2 happening. It’s inevitable, just make it, release it already.

Well, it might not exactly be the fit job for a game like Fallout: New Vegas, but why not get hyped a little, right? There is another chance that this might be for a potential sequel to The Outer Worlds, but who knows? We should just wait and see it through.

The job listing says that the candidate for the job will require “a solid understanding of the current concerns, performance monitoring tools and pipelines for open-world development in Unreal 4 on PCs and Consoles”, and they need “functional knowledge of efficient and performant open-world creation”. The experience requirements feature four or more years in the said job, with “two shipped titles as a Technical or Senior Technical Artist”.

Well, what do you think? Is a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas possible, or do you think another The Outer Worlds title is coming? Either way, we will let you know with furthermore details when we get them!

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