Nvidia Tweaks Their GPUs to Make Them Less Desirable for Cryptominers

Nvidia has announced that they will be making tweaks for their RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060TI GPUs so that they will have decreased ETH hash rate. This will make those graphics cards less useful for users who intend to use them for cryptocurrency mining.

The news comes from Nvidia’s blog post titled “A Further Step to Getting GeForce Cards into the Hands of Gamers” where they announce the decrease of ETH hash rates for the mentioned graphics cards. There is a catch though, these tweaks will only be applied to GPUs that are manufactured from now on, meaning if you already have any of those GPUs, the decreased ETH hash rate won’t be applied to you.

Considering the state of the world we live in, this is a great step to take from Nvidia. I mean, on top of these cryptominers that furiously purchase the GPUs before gamers get their hands on them, we also have a global semiconductor shortage. So this seems like the correct thing to do.

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