Titanfall 2 is Free to Play for The Weekend on Steam

Titanfall 2 is a great game with arguably a bad release back in 2016. Thanks to the release on Steam which brought a lot of good things to the game last year, Titanfall 2 is a notable game that everyone should play at some point. Combined with Apex Legends receiving content from the game, it got a lot of interest.

For this weekend the game is free to play on Steam, all you gotta do is go onto the store page and hit ‘Play Game’. Don’t forget that you can’t keep it forever though, as the game’s availability to be free-to-play will expire at the end of the weekend. Just wait for the 30GB download to finish and hop in!

You can play either campaign or multiplayer, it’s all up to you. It’s good to catch up with things that happen in games so I suggest you stick with the campaign until you’re done, as seeing more content means more fun. Maybe when you see new content in Apex Legends you will know the reference it has in Titanfall 2!

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