Official PlayStation Magazine Rebrands Into Play Magazine, Marking The End of An Era

What’s more nostalgic to us from gaming magazines that we would buy back in the day? Those demo discs that we can acquire and the enjoyment that we have when we buy them, and of course, the excitement when we play them. Well, we have some bad news for you if you have a history with those magazines.

The last official gaming magazine among others that are gone forever, the Official Playstation Magazine comes to an end after rebranding to Play Magazine, giving the license to them. Which can be seen as the end of an era.

The owner of Play, Future, makes a statement on the matter in a blog post:

“Your support over the past year, and the previous 25, has really meant the world to us. Your messages and inclusion in every issue have helped us continue to join us each month as we report on the biggest games, issues, and events surrounding the consoles we love.”

Well, we will see how OPM does under the brand of Play in the following months. I’m wishing luck to them, let’s see how this will affect the future of OPM!

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