Valve Fixes A Bug In Steam That Causes Users With Over 25,000 Games to Crash

How many games do you own on Steam? Is it over 25,000 by any chance, because looks like some people actually do own that much!

A new update for Steam’s beta version has been released, and this update reportedly fixes an issue that causes the client to crash for users with over 25,000 games. This was spotted by Reddit user n1ght_watchman on r/pcmasterrace. What this means is that some people actually own over 25,000 games, which means they almost own half the count of games that exist on Steam(currently just over 51,000).

According to, three users have passed the 25,000 games count. The count might look different in respective Steam profiles, but actually, it is true. This is caused because of the fact that steamladder counts hidden games as well.

This bug could be reported by one of those users, but also it could have just gotten fixed after found in a bug testing that has been enacted by Valve. Well, I doubt any of you who reads this has over 25,000 games but it’s never impossible. So, I hope this update fixed any issue that you face while using Steam!

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