PlayStation’s Play at Home will Keep on Going: New Games will Arrive Soon

Play at Home is a great system for us gamers. All you need to do in order to access free games is owning a PlayStation 4. You don’t even need PS Plus! Which makes this system even more amazing and great.

If you don’t know about Play at Home yet, you should! It’s an initative that aims gamers to stay safe and game in their homes. It gives access to tons of games for free, and you can play them on your PlayStation 4 & 5. They are available for limited time, but you can keep them forever once you claim them.

We recently got Horizon: Zero Dawn for free after the latest expansion of the service. You can still claim it if you hadn’t though, as it can be redeemed until May 14th. Even if you can’t play it at the moment, I recommend you to do so, as you can always play it once it’s claimed!

SIE content communications senior director Sid Shuman said in a blog post that we’ll be receiving a new update for Play At Home soon, “Stay tuned, we’ll have another Play at Home update to share soon.” So make sure to stay tuned for new titles added to the system! Who knows, maybe we’ll get another major title like Horizon: Zero Dawn?

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