Ghost of Tsushima Dev Team Could Be Working on A New Standalone Multiplayer Game

Sucker Punch Studios, the team behind PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima, could be planning to develop a multiplayer game right now. This comes from the company’s job listing that looks for people who will take part in the development of multiplayer elements which will be there for a potential new game.

The company has put a new section on its careers page on the website(This was spotted by Gaming Route), and they’re looking out for computer/network programmers. This already increases the chances of a new multiplayer game coming. This isn’t the only reason behind these rumors though, as the job listing explains that the people who join the development team will be working on “a spectacular multiplayer game”.

Let’s not complicate things, first of all, the listing indicates that this project will be a game. So unlike Legends, which is a mod in Ghost of Tsushima, we might be getting an actual standalone game that is multiplayer.

We’ll see what happens in the future, but for now, looks like Sucker Punch might actually be going for a separate multiplayer game. As seen in Ghost of Tsushima, they can make fully functioning multiplayer well and will probably pursue the mode more in the future.

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