Days Gone 2 had A Shared Universe with Co-Op Mode Planned

Ex-game director of Days Gone Jeff Ross has revealed some plans that were made for Days Gone 2. The most outstanding features are a complete shared universe along with cooperative game mode.

Ross joined God of War creator David Jaffe in a live stream, and they discussed Bloomberg’s report on an unsuccessful Days Gone 2 pitch. Jeff Ross although gave no exact reason why the project was canceled, gave some details about the game.

“We wanted co-op from the beginning [referring to Days Gone], but obviously you have to make concessions for what you’re not going to be able to do,” Ross explained in the live stream.

After Ross was asked if they wanted to implement co-op game mode in the sequel to Days Gone, he said “It’s one of the things that we had in our pitch, yeah. It was the idea of a shared universe with co-op play.”

Although Ross’ announcements give a feeling about the state of Days Gone 2, he refrains from making a final announcement about the fate of the game. “I don’t think it’s publicly confirmed what the status of [Days Gone 2] is. I don’t want to be the guy who’s the official source for whatever that is.”

Jeff Ross no longer works for Bend Studio, but he reaffirms that his departure from the company has nothing to do with the state of Days Gone 2 or anything related to it.

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