Check Valheim Legends Mod Out

In case you no longer wish to be only a Viking anymore, you should definitely check the Valheim Legends mod out! It adds new character classes, three exclusive special powers to each class, the ability to summon creatures, and more!

The mod adds six new classes to the game. These classes are The Ranger, The Valkyrie, The Berserker, The Mage, The Druid, and The Shaman.

Like mentioned before, each class has its very own powers exclusive to them. Let’s see what exactly these stats are:

  • The Ranger
    • Shadow Stalk – Makes the player much harder to be heard or seen and increases movement speed when crouched. Gives a burst of speed for a short period(5s).
    • Summon Wolf – Summons a pet wolf, the wolf will be available for a period of time, although it lands less damage when compared to other wolf companions, it’s more durable.
    • Power Shot – Upon activation, a limited amount of ranged attacks will have improved velocity and power.
  • The Valkyrie
    • Bulwark – All blocked attacks gain a set block bonus, damage mitigation added to the caster.
    • Stagger – Staggers all enemies in a radius.
    • Leap – jump into the air and drop towards a point with high velocity, causing splash damage to the point of drop.
  • The Berserker
    • Rage – Lose health with a specific frequency, gain an increase in movement speed, psychical attack damage, stamina regen. Also, grants a life-tap with a portion of damage dealt.
    • Execute – Upon activation, several attacks will have increased attack power.
    • Dash – Dash towards enemies and damage them while you are performing the skill.
  • The Mage
    • Fireball – Creates a fireball that causes splash damage and burning to the affected enemy.
    • Frost Nova – Creates a burst of ice that freezes the impacted enemy, damaging them.
    • Meteor – Call on a meteor strike towards a specific area, the more duration this has the more meteors are being called.
  • The Druid
    • Regeneration – Enacts regeneration for the caster and nearby allies, healing them for a short period of time.
    • Root Defender – Grows roots that are allied to the caster, aiming for enemies.
    • Vines – Launches deadly vine projectiles.
  • The Shaman
    • Enrage – Improvement in movement speed and enacts regeneration of stamina for the caster and nearby allies.
    • Shell – Reduces damage taken from elemental attacks and applies spirit damage DoT to attacks made by the caster and nearby allies.
    • Spirit Shock – Deals spirit damage to the area around the caster with limited radius, additionally adds spirit DoT to enemy hit.

This mod is a great choice for those who got bored with Valheim’s classic gameplay. In case you would like to play the mod, you need to install the BepInExPack mod first. After you’re done with that, you can proceed to the installation of the Valheim Legends mod here.

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