Streamer’s Call of Duty Zombies World Record Got Interrupted Due to Server Crash

We all had that moment where we lost some progress due to silly bugs or server-sided problems. Although it’s frustrating, it’s generally not a big loss, at least not as much as it was for NoajJ456. This one should have been hard for him to get over with.

NoahJ456 was absolutely destroying the zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and continued going after rounds. The attempt aimed to reach round 256, and he was in round 208. It seemed like Noah wasn’t going down anytime soon, but then servers kicked in.

When storming through rounds, Noah read a message that was sent by a viewer in chat, saying that their game was done due to a server crash issue. Minutes after reading the text, Noah’s game was also over, the reason being the same as the viewer’s case.

In case you would like to see how it happened, you can watch the whole thing below:

Noah was doing an excellent run, he had pretty much all he needed, and of course, was ready. Sometimes life just won’t let you succeed even though you did everything to be successful, and this is one of those unlucky moments. I’m sure Noah was disappointed to experience this, but I’m sure he will eventually break the world record and storm through rounds again.

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