100-Player WW2 FPS Game Will Be Out for Open Beta in April!

The massive first-person shooter Enlisted was announced way back in 2016. It’s a 100-player game that will focus on historical recreations over “sports-like competitions”. And this game will finally be out for open beta in April. Gaijin Entertainment announced that they will finish the closed beta testing and move on to open beta testing.

We will be able to play the Invasion of Normandy and Battle for Moscow. These are the campaigns that are currently available in the closed beta but they will get expanded for the open beta. We will have historically more accurate weapons and vehicles. And of course, they will improve the AI of the soldiers for the open beta. There are some other changes like new campaigns, weapon, and vehicle balance changes, and adjustments to the size of squads in certain roles.

And we will have a feature that was announced last week with the open beta. We will get an updated rewards and progression system. And it will be based around the Battle Pass system that offers specific rewards. There will be “a few dozen” tasks for us to complete when open beta releases. And of course, Gaijin Entertainment will add more of them along the way.

But we won’t have the Founder’s Packs with the open beta. Founder’s Packs give you exclusive US, Soviet, and German squads, as well as access to the closed beta. So if you want these things you have to act quickly.

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