You Can See the Stuck Suez Cargo Ships in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

If you missed the big news, a cargo ship named Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal. We don’t exactly know how it happened, but it doesn’t matter that much anyway. The thing that matters is a cargo ship blocked an entire canal and now other cargo ships have to wait until they move the Ever Given out of the way.

And you know how the internet works. If something really weird like this happens, it definitely turns into a meme. This happened in this case too, people started sharing memes and posting videos about the Ever Given.

And as you might expect, someone put it on Microsoft Flight Simulator. ”donut_enforcement” posted a video of Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal on Youtube and Tiktok. The poster said “What’s cool about Microsoft flight sim 2020. is that you are able to add and create things such as modifications.” responding to a comment.

Also, I want to clarify that this is only a mod. The Microsoft Flight Simulator did not have an update adding this to the simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world doesn’t render this kind of stuff that quickly anyway. It only renders things like weather and air traffic in real-time.

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