Discovering Haunted Egyptian Tombs with New Horror Game ‘Forewarned’

Forewarned is a horror game that traps you and your friends in the dark heart of an Egyptian tomb and involves the creatures that live there.

Dreambyte Games consists of just two developers, and what we are seeing in the game right now is very promising. The concept is very similar to Phasmophobia because it is a multiplayer horror experience in which a team of archaeologists is tasked with the Sahara. Inside the tombs are cursed artifacts used by the high priest Harkhuf to seal Mejai, powerful warriors who were unnaturally blessed with longevity to protect the pharaoh.

It can be played alone, but the multiplayer game is likely to cause plenty of commotion. There are seven Mejai with their abilities, and as the team enters the graves they will be rewarded with shiny loot or risk death from these creatures. However, if you take it, it’s not the end of the story. Players can help their friends from beyond the grave, but they will be offered the opportunity to serve Mejai by following his former colleagues and often making life miserable for them.

The game will be in early access on Steamb before its release in late 2021, and Dreambyte Games will also allow PC and VR players to enjoy the cross-game.

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