GameStop Expands Its Sphere, Begins Selling GPUs

We’re back on GameStop again, this time not for being a warzone for investors. Well-Known gaming retailer now begins selling GPUs. This includes the 30 series RTX cards, well, if there are any.

These are good news, but it looks like some found out earlier than others. As soon as the GPUs are listed, they sold out. This marks another disappointment for gamers who have been waiting for restocks since the release of new GPUs.

The sale of GPUs is not a total surprise, GameStop CEO George Sherman’s earlier statements on the matter shown us that GameStop was already interested in selling hardware. A decrease in total sales last year is one of the reasons for this, breaking away from reliance on the gaming console market is another.

“We are continuing the work to expand our addressable market by growing GameStop’s product catalog,” Sherman said, indicating the upcoming sale of PC hardware, gaming TVs, and more.

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