Boss With 1.8 Million HP That Was Supposed to Take 40 People Gets Taken Down By Two Players in World of Warcraft

Onyxia, a boss that is so difficult to beat, has been defeated by two players, draining all of the 1.8 million hitpoints she has in 57 minutes. Normally, it would take 40 players to take down the boss, but the dedication those two players have is just unbelievable.

According to Wowhead, this is the first time that two players defeated Onyxia by themselves. Among all those achievements that have been made such as an entire naked raid on Onyxia that resulted in players killing her and a three-man alliance squad wiping out Onyxia in 47 minutes, this one stands out.

With the new normals of WoW, Onyxia is not that much of a hard boss anymore, as guilds can take her down easily. Even though, it’s great to see two warriors with dedication taking her down. The fight was about managing the resources they have well and coordinating well as they slowly drain Onyxia’s hitpoints. One mistake could cause them a restart of the fight, so that’s another impressive element to this achievement.

I will be looking forward to seeing what else will those two achieve, as they will probably pursue their achievements in the World of Warcraft Classic. For now, good one fellas!

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