Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Petition for A Single-Player Story Expansion Pack

Looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 players need more of the game’s story, signing petitions for it. They are currently waiting for a story expansion DLC from Rockstar.

They want the story so much that they are even willing to pay for it, as they say in the petition description “it doesn’t have to be free.” Currently, over 5,000 people signed it with an aim of 7,500 signatures. Even though it got created 2 years ago, it started to gain popularity now. While I’m writing this article, the number is increasing every second.

“I’m never going to pay for a single micro transaction, but I’ll gladly pay for single player DLC.” says Dave McGlincy, one of the supporters of the petition. Another backer Joseph Janoki also shared his opinion, saying “I’ve thought the same thing since the launch of this game and honestly, I would rather pay for more content. The DLC content doesn’t even have to be about the main characters from RDR2’s campaign if it somehow impacts plans for, let’s say an RDR3. Rockstar could essentially do what they did with GTA 4, adding two alternate stories that take place on the same map (The Ballad of Gay Tony/The Lost & Damned). Just make new interesting characters in the same open world with a great story to tell. Personally, I could settle for that over RDR’s online.”

Well, it’s good to see that RDR2 fans are supporting the petition, but that does not mean Rockstar Games will develop an expansion pack for the game(hopefully they do!). In case they are convinced or have plans for it already, we may see a single-player DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2 in the future.

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