EA Play Titles Join Xbox Game Pass PC

After a number of delays, EA Play finally joins Xbox Game Pass. Actually, it was on the console already, but not for PC for some reason. With this news, EA Play titles are now available for both console and PC Xbox Game Pass.

EA Play titles for PC Xbox Game Pass were scheduled for December 2020, but this date was later delayed to 2021. Now, it’s about time that we get the games.

There is one more thing you need to do before you get the games though, the games from EA Play require you to install the EA desktop app. After you are done installing, you gotta sign in with your EA account. After linking your EA and Xbox accounts, you are good to go!

Microsoft has been pretty active with Xbox Game Pass lately, which is a good thing for us gamers, as we can play even more games with no price change in the monthly fee for the service!

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