A Brand New Game Mode is Coming to The Division 2!

Recently Ubisoft gave us some new info about the big update coming for Division 2. This update is scheduled for late 2021 and it will have a brand new game mode!

Ubisoft posted a blog about this update on their website. And it’s confirmed that new contents are on the way.

Unfortunately, the Ubisoft team didn’t reveal too much about this update. But they gave a hint about this new game mode and said that it’s “entirely new to the franchise.” And they are “investigating new ways to progress your agent with an emphasis on increasing build variety and viability.

As we said the earliest time we could get this update is late 2021. It is still in progress and Ubisoft team is working on it. But it’s not that much of a problem considering that the goal is to make “meaningful change to the game.”

Ubisoft will re-run the older Seasons until this update is ready. So the next season (season 5) will be a re-run of season 1. This will give you the chance to collect the rewards and collectibles that you missed!

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