Resident Evil Village Will Be Censored for Japanese Players!

We know that Resident Evil 8 ”Village” will release in May to Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. And turns out that this game will be censored for some players. It’s not that shocking when you think about Resident Evil’s gore and explicit content. Mostly Resident Evil games get an ”M-for-Mature” rating anyways. And also we know Japan’s policy about censorship, they even censored games without that much gore or sexual content like GTA Vice City. Capcom announced that they will censor the game in order to release it in Japan.

Capcom says that the Japanese version of the game will be technically different from the other versions in order to meet Japan’s censor policy. But if you are a Japanese gamer fear not! Because Capcom also ensures that there is “basically no difference in the game content from the overseas version.”

Capcom also warns players that they will have to remove some scenes from the game in this censored edition. And it will have much less blood compared to other versions.

Capcom did not make any other comments about this situation at the moment. But be sure that if they do, you will able to read it from Gamenewsplus.

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