Sony Turns Bananas and Oranges to Controllers!

We don’t know where this crazy idea came from, but apparently, new tech will allow us to use any “non-luminous passive object being held by the user” as a controller. It works like this; you will scan the objects with a camera and it will track the objects based on pixels and colors.

And there is a patent application for this mechanic. It sounds weird but Sony is trying to take the patent of turning fruits and objects into controllers. And there are examples to show how this system works in the patent application. One of these examples is a banana.

And this patent application suggests that we will able to use two objects at once. So you can sit on your couch with a banana in your left hand and an orange in your right hand. Then you squish them and shake them to play the game. This sounds goofy but exciting.

Other than that, noticed another controller that looks like it’s for VR. The patent application for this controller was filled back in November 2020.

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