New Rumors Suggests a More Powerful Nintendo Switch

There is a rumor about a much more powerful Nintendo Switch, “Super Nintendo Switch”. This rumor was going on about a year but it didn’t have any concrete or official leak. Sadly, this did not change, but we got some new rumors about the subject.

Some verified insiders on Reset Era claimed that this new Nintendo Switch will basically be PS4 with DLSS and a better CPU. So it won’t get to the levels of the next-gen consoles. But it won’t be like the last-gen consoles too. It will be somewhere in between.

But we all know that you shouldn’t get hyped because of these unofficial rumors. Also, this powerful Nintendo Switch that rumor suggests seems like a pretty big update.

As you can guess, Nintendo has not commented on any of this. And we don’t think that they will. As good as this rumor sounds, we can’t be sure of any of these before an official commentary about ”Super Nintendo Switch” drops.

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