State of Play for PS4 and PS5 Games is Announced

PlayStation published a new blog on PlayStation.Blog announcing that we will get a State of Play premier later this week on Thursday, and it will “serve up updates and deep dive for 10 games coming to PS4 and PS5.” There will be new game announcements with updates on existing third-party and indie titles.

The premier will be about “30 minutes or so, give or take” PlayStation said. And this 30 minutes will be only about games, there won’t be any business-focused updates.

Sony slowly hyped up its announcement cycle. They announced that they are working on a PlayStation VR 2 headset, a delay for Gran Turismo 5 and that they are bringing some first-party PlayStation games to PC. We will see what other things they will announce. Make sure to check Gamenewsplus for news.

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