Resident Evil Skins are Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

We know that Rainbow Six Siege drops new operators, unique abilities, and new maps from time to time. Now Rainbow Six Siege announced that we will get new operator skins from the legendary series ”Resident Evil”.

The first confirmed skin is coming to the operator ”Zofia”. Ubisoft revealed this skin at their latest e-sports event. Zofia will have the skin of Jill Valentine. A video from Rainbow Six Siege’s official French tweeter account shows this skin from different angles.

This skin will be classed as Elite skin. Other Resident Evil skins will come to the game in the future. We don’t know how they will look or which characters they will be at the moment.

Ubisoft also has partnered with Ikumi Nakamura, the director of GhostWire: Tokyo and lead concept artist for The Evil Within and its sequel. Nakamura will work with Ubisoft to create some other new skins.

Ubisoft also announced another content pack called ”Crimson Heist” and it will be available on the test servers starting on Sunday.

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