Reports Show That New The Lord Of The Rings MMORPG Game Arriving in 2022

Reports show that an MMORPG game for The Lord Of The Rings is set to release in 2022. The required Game License Agreements for the game were also published online, which shows that this is happening. This was also rumored by other sources at the end of last year, saying that Amazon is at it, a few months later the rumor was confirmed.

Amazon Game Studios VP Christoph Hartmann made a statement back in the day. “Tolkien’s Middle-earth is one of the richest fictional worlds in history, and it gives our team of experienced MMO developers – from the same studio developing New World – tremendous opportunity to play and create.”

We didn’t hear much from the project afterward, which could be a good sign for the development of the game, as developers might be working very hard for the game to be successful and accurate. That’s what everyone wants, so that’s fine.

Hopefully, a Resetera user “sNtd” shared some details on the upcoming game, sharing the Game License Agreement for the project. To sum up, the narration and lore of the game’s world are supposed to be finished by January 11, 2021. So we should be over that step.

A chance of closed beta by September 2022 is also present, support for PS4 and Xbox One is an option as well. But all of these plans could shape differently depending on the situation at that time. We will let you know when more details arrive, until then, let’s hope that the game will meet everyone’s expectations.

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