Call of Duty: Warzone Player Found an Unreleased OP Gun In-Game

A Redditor named ”u/RestlessGoats” found an unreleased pistol in Call of Duty: Warzone while playing a match of Plunder that is not available in the game at the moment.

The user RestlessGoats posted this clip:

By the looks of it, this mysterious pistol is named ”Skyov” and it is really overpowered. It can shoot really fast. Almost as fast as full-auto rifles.

Players are arguing about how this weapon can affect the gameplay and make it a worse experience. A post says how we will be able to dual wield two of these guns with 80 rounds according to the specs from Survival Mode.

By the looks of it, this new pistol will need lots of nerfing when it comes out. The only thing we can do is hope that it won’t be too messy and overpowered when it comes out.

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