Sony Files Patent for PlayStation VR Which Adds New Features for Spectators

Sony filed a patent for the PlayStation VR, which lets spectators have a say on the actions of the player inside the VR world. This can be either helping the player or just messing around with them.

You can see the details of the patent document here, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office official website. The image on the document is as follows:

In the image, you can see spectators voting on options inside the VR game, and after the voting, the selection that won the voting is shown to the player inside VR. So the player is going to play with the things spectators give them, they don’t have any other choice. And of course, power comes with responsibility, you can mess things up for player or lead them to victory.

This patent filed by Sony shows us that the company is working hard to improvise their VR hardware, making it more fun by involving spectators in the game as well. But don’t forget, having the patent doesn’t mean they have to make it. This could be an idea that can be abandoned later.

Even though, be ready to help your friends in VR or throw them into hell if the concept becomes reality!

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