‘Ghost Of Tsushima 2’ Approved By Developer For PS5

While neither Sony nor developer Sucker Punch has yet firmly confirmed that 2020’s PlayStation 4 adventure is underway, there are enough leaked job lists that point to its existence. But if job postings, sales, and criticism aren’t enough to convince you that Ghost Of Tsushima 2 is on its way, how about a LinkedIn update from Dave Molloy, Sucker Punch’s cinematic creative director? As seen on Reddit over the weekend, Molloy’s profile said “He’s currently working on the Ghost Of Tsushima game for Sony PS5.”

Interestingly, his profile has since been updated to change the PS5 to “PlayStation”. This change can mean a lot, but the most likely explanation is that Sony and Sucker Punch did not want to give details for the sequel, especially considering it is still in its early stages of development. Like Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ghost Of Tsushima 2 is likely to be a cross-gene title. Finally, Molloy may be working on next-generation updates for the current Ghost Of Tsushima.

While it’s not clear when we’re going to see this sequel, it’s exciting to think about how the work has evolved.

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