Director of Original God of War Thinks ‘Ragnarok’ Will Get Released for Both PS4/PS5

New God of War, which will be released in 2021 if things go smoothly, has a new theory that has been propounded by the director of the original God of War from 2005.

Recently, David Jaffe has been playing 2018’s God of War on YouTube live stream. While in-stream, he says that Ragnarok will definitely release for both PS4 and PS5. Well, from what we know Ragnarok will of course release for PS5 but there is no clarification about the PS4 side. Jaffe said “Oh, I’m sure the next God of War will be PS4/PS5. Of course, it will”

We all know that PS4 will continue to get support and new games, but after what we saw in Cyberpunk 2077’s release I’m not sure if this idea will go on for a long time. Maybe it was something that could happen once but you know, it happened after all.

Anyway, since Ragnarok’s planned to get released this year, we will definitely get clarification about the PS4 version of the game from Sony sooner or later, hands crossed!

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