Cyberpunk 2077 Speedrunners Found a Rabbit Shop Abuse

If you have memories of abusing the video game jump physics to hare at absurd speeds, through Quake, Thief, or Half-Life, you’ll enjoy seeing it back.

YouTuber Max Dhaka demonstrates the technique in the video above. You need to install some cyber software to try it yourself. Get the maneuvering system upgrade that lets you escape in the air, and you’ll likely want reinforced tendons for that sweet double jump. The secret to increasing your movement speed is to run after a jump just before you land. You get a boost every time you do, and the chained boosters together will soon make you progress faster than the tools. While running on Max Dhaka’s ring road, you can see cars appear sometimes as V approaches, because this is clearly a higher speed than the game’s designers expected you to travel.

The same exploit was documented on Reddit by Hank_Jenkins and Strikielol, who combined it with a katana and a group of uninformed foes to turn Cyberpunk 2077 into Ghostrunner.

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