The “No PS5” stream from PS fans

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been trending in social media several times throughout the year following the November release and is now once again on Christmas Day. However, this time PlayStation fans caught the “no PS5” trend.

As with any holiday gathering around Christmas and especially during the 2020 holidays, the “no PS5” trend has been slowly developing over the past few days. Christmas Day has now reached its peak as people either roughened their expectations for a new console or reflected the fact that they don’t have one of the consoles yet.

Sony implemented a new type of queue for PlayStation Direct that first places people in a pre-queue waiting room, then randomly place them in the online store’s queue so that people can’t camp on the site. While people have had a lot of frustrating experiences trying to buy PlayStation 5 from Walmart, the company recently said that more than 20 million purchases were blocked by bots during the time the console was made available through the retailer.

Check out some of the best replies in the “no PS5” trend on Twitter below.

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