Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Has Bad News For “Multiplayer”

After years of anticipation and excitement, Cyberpunk 2077 was finally released earlier this month and was aggravated by many bugs and performance issues, especially on PS4 and Xbox One. This was a complicated situation for the Polish developer who worked hard to solve various problems. Also, the developer is also working on next-gen versions suitable for PS5 and Xbox Series X and has promised two meaty single-player DLC versions that are likely already under construction. There’s a lot on the developer’s plate right now, there is also a standalone multiplayer mode for the game, but the multiplayer mode is being thrown into the background until it is more suitable on all single-player platforms.

CD Projekt Red confirmed that it will talk more about the multiplayer mode of the intermediate game sometime in early 2021. However, in a recent meeting with investors, CDPR CEO Adam Kicinski suggested that multiplayer mode is far from a priority at the moment.

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