Ghost Of Tsushima Players Funded A Campaign To Help Restore Deformed Torii Gate

Fans of Ghost of Tsushima contributed to Kickstarter of Restoration of Torii Gate which got damage from a typhoon that caused the destruction of some buildings. Thanks to them, enough money for the gate has been collected.

Typhoon Haishen was a super typhoon that occurred in the 2020 Pacific typhoon season, which affected countries such as South Korea, North Korea, specific parts of China, and Japan. Due to the power of the typhoon the region had strong waves and flooding, we saw the destruction of some buildings as well. In Tsushima island, the outcomes of the natural disaster did not escalate well and it caused damage on a torii, a gate leading to Shinto shrines.

The priests of the shrine requested support on the internet by creating a Campfire, which is basically the Japanese version of Kickstarter, to restore the damaged gate. The money needed for repairs was around ¥5,000,000, but thanks to fellow gamers and helpful people, ¥20,000,000 was collected, 4 times the required money for restoration.

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