Gamer Buys His Gaming Partner Of 15 Years A PS5 To Play Together

Friends that we play games with could be more of a friend than the ones we are in real life. We may not see them in our daily lives but most of the time they are the ones you can talk about problems with your life, or celebrate something. They are the ones we spend our gaming time with and probably the ones with who we spend most of our free time as well.

We now have next-gen consoles available -well not really but you get the idea- and to keep these friendships going we gotta maintain the good time we spend with our gamer friends. And due to this reason, a Reddit user decided to surprise his gaming buddy who has been playing games for more than fifteen years with him, gifting him a PS5.

Reddit user ghost_knight1121 explained how he was playing with his gaming partner for over fifteen years, and expresses that he wants to play for another generation with him. The friendship goes back to Xbox 360 days, playing Rainbow Six Vegas together. Their friendship is so strong that they have been each other’s best man at their weddings, which is a great indication of the bond.

ghost_knight1121’s friend was unable to secure a PS5 due to the reasons that we all know why. But hopefully, ghost_knight1121 managed to get a spare PS5, evading all those issues with the purchase. This shows how strong can friendships that occurred from games be.

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