The Staff of CD Projekt is Mad After Cyberpunk 2077’s Failed Release

We can’t really say CD Projekt staff members are in a good mood right now, all those issues with their highly anticipated game with a development time of 8 years~. It should be a big burden for the company, for gamers, it’s worse. Having that many expectations and getting these results could be frustrating. Even though all those problems the game is in a playable state on PC and a percentage of players liked the game and ignored the problems.

Mad Staff threw a bunch of questions at the board in a video meeting where management would apologize for what happened with Cyberpunk 2077’s launch.

The questions were mostly about the reputation of the company, deadlines that weren’t logical for the game, and most importantly delays of the game adding up to the game’s launch on December 10th.

The meeting was held before the announcement from both CD Projekt and Sony came about the game’s removal from the PlayStation Store. You can check the article about the announcement here.

Don’t get us wrong, Cyberpunk 2077 was a huge success, but there are issues with the game. It sold over 8 million copies including pre-orders and all. But the game is unplayable on some Playstation 4/Xbox One consoles.

One employee asked why it was said in January that the game is “complete and playable” which turns out to be not correct. The board answered as it would take responsibility for the matter.

At the end of the day, the game is not complete at its current state. It was obvious for some of the developers that there was more work to do and that required more time.

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