Will Smith Gave a Playstation 5 to Teen Fighting Cancer

We all know finding a PS5 nowadays is super hard, with all those stock issues and problems with mass purchases on release day. But one fan’s Christmas among others will be much brighter than theirs.

In the most recent episode of Will’s Snapchat series “Will From Home”, he managed to get a young man, Aiden, a PS5 by cooperating with GameStop. 14 years old Aiden was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year and has been fighting against it ever since. With COVID-19 on top of it, the fight against cancer must have been fierce.

Fortunately, Aiden got a lot of gifts from Will Smith and GameStop. Not only a PS5, but he also got a DualSense controller and a gift card for him to get some games for his new console. Additionally, both Will Smith and GameStop donated $5,000 to the Cook Children’s Medical Center, making it a total donation of $10,000.

This was filmed before the release of the Playstation 5, so that means Aiden was one of the people who have gotten their hands on the Playstation 5 before its release.

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