Gamers Playing Cyberpunk 2077 Started Refunding Their Game

We all know about issues with Cyberpunk 2077’s current state with all those performance issues and bugs that appear repeatedly.

@CyberpunkGame posted a tweet on Twitter about the issue and said people can refund the game if they wish to, but also asking for a chance before refunding the game.

CD Projekt Red’s shares faced a heavy regression after the release of Cyberpunk 2077 with all those issues with the game’s state. On top of it, people are refunding their game now.

Some may give a second chance to CD Projekt, and the game is in a playable state right now. Well, at least for the PC version. Even if PS4/Xbox One version has all those issues PC version is reliable for finishing the game with minimal problems. And let’s not forget to mention that the game will be getting patches as planned, stated by CD Projekt.

CD Projekt Red staff were told their bonuses for game release is secured, meaning it will be paid completely like it was planned.

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