6-Year-Old Call of Duty Gamer Got His Account Suspended in Stream

RowdyRogan’s account was banned from Call of Duty: Warzone by Activision. The 6-year-old streamer is viewed as someone with skills way beyond his age, and he could also be seen as an unexpected shining star in the Call of Duty community.

Concerns were raised by some of the fans watching Rogan because of the fact that a 6-year-old is playing an 18+ rated game. At this point, Activision had to intervene, and in a Twitch stream on December 9th, Rogan and his dad found out that the account got suspended permanently.

They shared the occasion on Twitter, and stated they are trying to “handle the situation”.

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  1. oh well maybe a 6 yo shouldnt be playing or streaming them types of games and its possible thy will never get the account back

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