Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Two Free Costumes With New Update

Batman trilogy, developed my Rocksteady, was over 5 years ago in 2015. Batman: Arkham Knight was released on PC with a state of what you can call ‘unfinished’. With all those bugs and issues, the game had to get pulled off steam at one point. But now, those bugs and issues are long gone, and the game is playable.

The game received a lot of DLC’s after release, and in one of those, there is a DLC where the game gets tons of Batsuits added to the game. Two of those outfits were pretty different than others, receiving attention as well. But is it in a good way?

You would need to complete the game and connected to your WBPlay account back then, but now those two outfits are released once again for everyone.

Do they look good? Well, it depends on what one individual thinks. (They’re weird.)

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