Dragon Age 4 Will Be Getting Its Next Reveal at Next Week’s Game Awards

EA has announced that long ago confirmed Dragon Age 4 will be getting its next reveal in Thursday’s The Game Awards.

The news has been shared via an official press release about celebrating Dragon Age Day, which was marked by BioWare with the release of four stories for Dragon Age universe. EA says these stories which were written by members of the game’s narrative team will “help paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age, including some insight into the next reveal at The Game Awards”.

Presented by Geoff Keighley, who confirmed the news himself about a new reveal of Dragon Age on his Twitter page, The Game Awards will take place on December 10, at 7 pm ET. We’ll be seeing a new reveal of Dragon Age 4 after two years since its formal reveal at the Game Awards 2018.

The new leader of the new Dragon Age project Christian Dailey shared his thoughts in a blog post today. After the retirement of Mark Darrah from BioWare yesterday. “Mark is someone that I look up to and is a true BioWare legend. We all hope to make him proud as we look to deliver the best Dragon Age story yet”.

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