Destiny Got A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Fans started turning Destiny into a Dungeons & Dragons-style pen-and-paper RPG around two years ago. They finally released version 1.0 of Dungeons & Destiny Player’s Guidebook, reforming Bungie’s loot shooter with the features of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset.

In case you are unfamiliar with Destiny, it’s a sci-fi shooter where zombie super-humans fight aliens in a post-apocalyptic future scenario. For Dungeons & Dragons, it’s a text-based game where you act as a character in a story, and math with dice rolls decide your fate.

Creator GoodGameKitty said on Reddit “D&Destiny isn’t just a re-flavoring of 5th Edition, it’s almost a complete overhaul of the entire system.”. There are 9 new classes, 14 guns with your own choice of perk upgrade path, unique status ailments, and last but not least, unique stats for all races in-game.

You can also play as hostile alien factions of Destiny in case you want, it’s a feature that isn’t available in the main game at its current state. With Player’s Guidebook, we also have the Architect’s Guide and the Bestiary of the Wilds. Which basically are an overview of Destiny lore, and insight for all the enemies that can crop up in Dungeons & Destiny. Even though work-in-progress, both books are available to download for free. Gather all information you need, create your characters, and see what fate offers you in your journey.

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